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E17 Art Rrail

Dr. Knit is very busy sewing, knitting, writing and helping new arrivals to the Knitting Laboratory. He is also very happy to announce the dates for the next Knitting Laboratory shows. The Laboratory will be open as part of the E17 Art Trail on Sunday 8th June and Sunday 15th June 20014, from 12-4 on both days.


Happy Halloween!

Have a Spooky Halloween from Dr. Knit and all the Creatures of the Knitting Laboratory!

Halloween Party!

Dr. Knit and the Creatures of the Knitting Laboratory are preparing for their Halloween Party. Can you guess which Creature is wearing the Ghost Costume?


Dr Knit Lab Assistants!

Dr Knit would like to say a big thank you to his two laboratory assistants who helped him at the two exhibitions.

Knitting Laboratory Opens its Doors!

All those who visited the Knitting Laboratory loved both the creatures of the Knitting Laboratory and the stories that accompanied them.

"So original...lovely stories." (Sarah)

"The work of a genius! Such a clever idea. Made me smile!" (Kathleen)

""Still love the Wobblies but Leonardo da Kiwi is very touching too." (Bob)

Knitting Laboratory Opens its Doors

Over the last two weekends the Knitting Laboratory opened its doors to the public. Everyone that came helped make the two exhibitions a huge success. The Knitting Laboratory received just under 500 visitors, all of whom enjoyed meeting Dr. Knit, as well as creatures old and new.

Leonardo Can Fly!

Thanks to Dr. Knit Leonardo da Kiwi is able to fly! He is now going back to his home in New Zealand and has promised to come back and visit Dr. Knit and the Knitting Laboratory.


Leonardo da Kiwi

Leonardo da Kiwi dreamed of flying.
Drawing by Leonardo da Vinci for the wings of a flying machine, 15th Century


Tristan's Wobbly

Tristan was looking after his Wobbly for about two years. He was playing and playing and playing with him and they went on many adventures together. But one day, the Wobbly lost his eye! Tristan's mum called Dr. Knit. Tristan and Dr Knit talked about repairing the Wobbly's eye. After a little chat, together they arrived at an idea - an eye patch for the Wobbly! Now it's easy to see all the adventures Tristan and his Wobbly have had together.



Cupcake knows very well the highs and lows of life! The only thing she believes can make her happy are shoes shoes shoes and more shoes! She needs some help from Dr. Knit....

All You Knit Is Love!

In preparation for the opening of the Knitting Laboratory on September 4th and 11th 2011, Dr. Knit has been very busy sewing, knitting and writing, as well as helping new arrivals to the Knitting Laboratory.


Visit Dr. Knit's Laboratory!

Dr. Knit is happy to announce that for the third consecutive year he will be opening the doors of his Knitting Laboratory as part of the 2011 E17 Art Trail. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet Dr. Knit and the Creatures: some old friends and some new! The Knitting Laboratory will be open on Sunday 4th September and 11th September 2011. Keep checking the Blog for updates, or go to the E17 Art Trail web site at: www.e17arttrail.co.uk.


Skull and Cross Bones!

A new arrival in the Knitting Lab!

Dr. Knit is helping a new arrival to the Knitting Lab! Can you guess what his problem is? Whatever it is, Dr. Knit will be sure to find the solution. Keep checking to find out more...

We have worked hard

Dr. Knit and the creatures of the Knitting Laboratory have been working hard over the last year! All the hard work has finally paid off; we are pleased to announce the launch of our new blog and a brand new web site: www.drknit.com. We would like to thank all our supporters and followers for their patience. Get ready to check new posts and additions to the web site and blog.


At the end of 2009, Dr. Knit collaborated with film maker Abigail Bickford-Smith to create a video art installation.

Creative control was given to the Director in order that she might present her own vision of Dr. Knit and the Knitting Laboratory. The film is shot from both the perspective of Dr. Knit and the creatures of the Knitting Laboratory.

I hope you enjoy the film as much as I enjoyed making it.

I would like to thank Abigail for inviting me to collaborate on her project, and all those who helped in the making of the film. Thanks to Ali, Hemanth and Ben.