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Tristan's Wobbly

Tristan was looking after his Wobbly for about two years. He was playing and playing and playing with him and they went on many adventures together. But one day, the Wobbly lost his eye! Tristan's mum called Dr. Knit. Tristan and Dr Knit talked about repairing the Wobbly's eye. After a little chat, together they arrived at an idea - an eye patch for the Wobbly! Now it's easy to see all the adventures Tristan and his Wobbly have had together.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Dr. Knit
    Thank you very much for taking care of my Wobbly, I think he looks very smart now. My mum says that you are the best Doctor EVER!!(And you should be working for the NHS)
    Wobbly is my best bud in the world, and I am very glad that we can play together again.
    Thank you again
    Love TRISTAN.